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Plane production rapidly declined after WW2. Woodturning On the lathe, by the lathe: We all all plane folk here and are willing to speak plainly about your plane. It was about twice the price but holds it's edge alot longer.

DESCRIPTION: I'm sure we can make up a type study for these, I don't expect any Americans to do so any time soon. The two-piece lateral adjuster and the cast one-piece blade advancer plus no bed ribs and beech handle and knob all point to your No. Only English bench planes have them, cast either behind the frog on Nos.

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US vs English/Australian made Stanley planes

Safety in the Woodworking Shop Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! From the information I am estimating that it a type 1.

  • Which does yours look like? By the s metal planes made their big breakthrough and Stanley managed to get hold of most of them!
  • I see lots of 5s advertised as prewar when actually they're postwar. I'm sure we can make up a type study for these, I don't expect any Americans to do so any time soon.
  • Is it worth that? I wouldn't count the new SW planes as Type 7 or any type for that matter.
  • I think the appropriate term is "bloody yank" ;.
  • Regards from Perth Derek.

However, I once came across an anomaly that hopefully someone else will comment on. A plane is just a hafted blade; IMHO any plane can be made to do what it's supposed to do. Designing Woodworking Projects Looking for information on designing your projects? They have good selection of plane blades. Why, because I am interested. The first English Stanleys didn't have a rib at the rounded ends of the main casting like the one in Pat's photos.

Mar 28,  · Stanley No. 6 Made in England Plane Would having a machine shop take one of these planes and using a but my understanding is that the Stanley’s made in . A Short Stanley History. 1: 50 By the s metal planes made the latter sold in Australian boxes but the planes were actually made in England.

Stanley English Type Study Draft

Is the adjusting nut brass? I kind of lean towards the older stuff believing it was made better. Eyes, Engladn, fingers, and A better blade too?? That would fit your stanley plane.

Cost wise it would be around the same if you took your time and shopped around some. Building the Arch Top Bookshelf This is still a lot but somewhat better. Plane production rapidly declined after WW2. They have good selection of plane blades.

Apologies for thread necromancy, but every time I search for information to date an english plane, this thread comes up!

I've recently owned at least three of them still have the No. But I do have an old Bailey no 7 jointer plane that is clearly marked made in England.

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  • In recent years there has been a renewed interest in hand planes. Not what I expected.
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When I get back to the Upper Peninsula refurbing this plane is on the priority list. Castings are usually a bit thicker. Hmm, a browse on eFlay reveals a Stanley plane in a Stanley Australia labelled box with the black plastic handles, no frog adjusting screw, Stanley Australia iron and its bed casting reads 'Made in England' so obviously Stanley Australia were localising the English plane castings This forum is for all the woodturners out there.

IMHO they are a completely separate plane design - and I believe the "Type 6", or later incarnation, is still being produced somewhere in Asia. These two types cause the most confusion since all other things look the same except for the frog area. Whenever those rib thingys appear on the beds about Type 5: The material to be removed, must be as minimun as possible, because the process alter the mouth size.

Anything after this is really not worth buying unless you are willing to do a large amount of fettling. Look at how fat that casting is! Building the Arch Top Bookshelf


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