Saying I Love You Too Much Loses Meaning



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Things you can say instead: Things seem to have worked themselves out somehow, I mean I talked to her but nothing was ever officially resolved to my knowledge. How can liberals tolerate men acting like this?

DESCRIPTION: They're both acting their respective ages, given their experience in life. I'm not saying you don't have any romance, but you can find that in watching a movie on the couch together. I'm happy as can be now: People may comment on this thread that she's being overly insecure, which she is to a point, but her heart is in the right place and she doesn't deserve for you to get angry at her over this.

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Well instead of saying i love you you can say something like "your the best" some sorta compliment like that.

  • I'm in the minority thinking people don't say I love you enough but on no planet is "I Love You Random" a thing.
  • We don't care who started it. Things seem to have worked themselves out somehow, I mean I talked to her but nothing was ever officially resolved to my knowledge.
  • Nor should there be any reason to fix something that isn't broken.
  • And later on, when the roles were reversed and she would crowd me, I felt the same way.

There were other issues, and it took a short while from me to go from "aw shit i've completely fucked this up" to realize that "oh that could have gone better but man that relationship was doomed from the start". Yeah and lots of them. I had a girlfriend who was pretty frequent with the I miss yous. I make sure that she knows she can always talk to me, but she just sweeps it under the rug and acts as if nothing is wrong or says that she was just being stupid and wants to move past it. Ooohwhatprettystars and Spygirl like this.

Saying "I love you" to someone close to you can mean everything! These three words can take weeks, months or even years to say in some cases and they are some of the most beautiful things a person can utter or hear. Jun 17,  · Can you say "I love you" too much to your significant other? I ask because, yesterday, my girlfriend literally told me about 10 times in 8 hours. And I am very grateful that she loves me, and I love her, but.

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GentryMay 24, Yes she is saying a little too often. She was a nurse and worked Saylng, i worked during the day. Please assist the mods and report inappropriate posts, users, and comments. I normally do not Losea how many times a day we say "I love you" that was just a random thing the other day that just seemed very excessive to me, I think because when she said it, it seemed empty and like she was saying it just to hear me say it back. OP, not saying to break up with her, but it might be a hard habit for her to break.

I feel comfortable in my relationship and don't really need constant validation from her. From your post, it sounds as if your girlfriend is completely insecure, and thus, says I love you because she's afraid of losing you.

  • I Say 'I Love You' Too Much
  • Our serendipitous encounter that summer day was and still is an incredibly spiritual experience for the both of us, and one that has had the greatest impact on our faith.
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We've been married 3 years and it's still constant and I've noticed out of habit i say it first sometimes just throughout the day and when i hear it come out of my mouth it depresses me, the words don't have the weight they used to and i miss that. Send her text messages telling her you miss her, or are thinking about her. Just unrestrained happiness and the excitement that comes with the transition to adulthood: Haha greylin , yeah I want to make positively sure when the point of having children comes around that we are absolutely on the same page.

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I dont think saying I love yo should lose its meaning but i do hear it does. Which might sound a bit confusing, but once the honeymoons over you start drifting back into ordinary life where it gose from all romantic dinners to 'did you get the milk and not in a bad way, but not everything is on a cloud because stuffs gotta get done '. In the past I used to buy her so much presents, it would drive me insane that I didn't get the same amount of attention put into showing me she loved me back from her. Things seem to have worked themselves out somehow, I mean I talked to her but nothing was ever officially resolved to my knowledge. God Himself not only showed us that He loves us, but also tells us multiple times.


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